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Radio by TuneIn on Sonos


Due to regional broadcast licensing restrictions for some stations that are available on Sonos through TuneIn, these stations are no longer part of the TuneIn channel portfolio. We wish them the best of luck.

Your Sonos system comes preconfigured with Radio by TuneIn which gives you access to the world’s radio stations, shows and podcasts, all for free. Over 100,000 channels from every corner of the earth, plus live and on-demand radio shows from around the world - all streaming direct to Sonos players throughout your house.

Using Radio by TuneIn on Sonos 
Using any Sonos controller, navigate to the Sonos music menu and select “Radio by TuneIn”. Worldwide Internet radio stations are available, sorted by genre, location, and category. You can also search by a station's name or callsign (e.g., WFUV), a show name, or the name of a show's host.

Listening to local radio stations 
Select “Radio by TuneIn” from the Sonos music menu, and then “Local Radio” to browse the stations in your area. If prompted, enter your postal code (for US) or select your region to get a list of your local radio stations. 

You can change your default location for “Local Radio” by selecting “Change Location”. On iOS and Android devices, change location is found under the “More” menu indicated by three horizontal dots (iOS), or three vertical dots (Android).

Listening to radio from other parts of the world 
TuneIn makes it easy to browse radio stations and shows from across the world. Simply select Radio by TuneIn > Location and browse to your favorite music spots around the world.

Podcasts on Radio by TuneIn 
Radio by TuneIn also allows you to search and listen to millions of available podcasts and shows. Listen to live podcasts, or even previously recorded episodes. You can use the search bar, making sure to search under “Podcasts & Shows” to find your favorite podcasts and shows, or browse what’s available by selecting Radio by TuneIn > Talk.

Saving stations or shows as a favorite 
You can save radio stations or radio shows you listen to frequently in “My Radio Stations” and “My Radio Shows” sections respectively. You can also save radio stations or shows to your “Sonos Favorites”. Keep in mind that Sonos Favorites can be populated with any tracks or playlists that you’ve favorited from other music sources. 

On iOS or Android: Tap on a station and select “More”. Touch either “Add to My Radio Stations” or “Add Station to Sonos Favorites”.
On Mac or PC: Right-click on a station and select “Info & Options”. Click either “Add to My Radio Stations” or “Add Station to Sonos Favorites”. 

Sonos Favorites appears at the top of the Sonos music menu. My Radio Stations and Shows can be found by selecting “Radio by TuneIn” from the Sonos music menu.

Using a TuneIn Pro or Premium account on Sonos 
Adding your existing TuneIn Pro or Premium account to Sonos is not possible at this time.

Live sport broadcasts through TuneIn 
Due to exclusive agreements some sporting broadcasts may be blocked from Internet radio streaming. This is often accompanied by an audio message during the live broadcasts.


Audio interruptions 
Radio streams are hosted independently around the world, and some streams may be more reliable than others. If you experience audio interruptions with a specific station try the following steps:

  1. Confirm that your Internet is working properly. Make sure you can load web pages and attempt playing the station directly on TuneIn’s website.
  2. Try playing another station. If other stations work fine, the station you are trying to play may be experiencing a temporary issue. If you continue to have trouble with a particular station, please send us an email and we’d be happy to track it down.

Station not listed 
Sonos supports MP3, AAC and WMA streaming audio formats for radio stations. If the station not listed in Sonos is in one of these formats, and you know the station’s streaming URL, you can manually add it to Sonos. 

Using your Sonos Desktop Controller for Mac or PC, select Manage and then choose “Add Radio Station”. From here you can add the streaming URL of a station and give it a name/label. This station will then show up under Radio by TuneIn > My Radio Stations. It is not possible to manually add radio stations using a mobile Sonos controller.

Station logo missing 
Some stations might not have provided TuneIn with a station logo; in those cases, TuneIn is unable to display a logo.

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