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Pandora and Sonos


What is Pandora® Radio? 
Pandora gives you personalized radio that plays what you love and continually evolves with your tastes. Start with the name of an artist, song, genre, or comedian, and create a station. Not sure what to listen to? Browse through our hundreds of curated genre stations to find the perfect match for your mood.

Where is Pandora® Radio available on Sonos? 
American Samoa, Australia, Guam, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, United States, Virgin Islands (US).

How do I add Pandora® Radio to my Sonos system? 
Select the controller you are using for instructions on adding your Pandora® Radio account to Sonos:

[+] Sonos App for iOS or Android 
[+] Sonos App for Mac or PC 

Does Sonos provide higher quality audio (192k) for Pandora Plus™ accounts? 
Yes. When you upgrade to Pandora Plus in Sonos, you’ll automatically hear your music streaming in higher quality audio than in Pandora’s free tier.

How do I upgrade from a free ad-based account to a Pandora Plus™ account? 
If you’d like to upgrade from your current free ad-supported account to a Pandora Plus account, just visit After you’ve upgraded, you’ll no longer hear ads while listening to Pandora on your Sonos. Pandora Plus streams music at a higher bitrate of 192kbps.

Note: Pandora Premium accounts will work as Pandora Plus accounts until the Premium tier is supported on Sonos at a future date.

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