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Rhapsody and Sonos

Please Note: Rhapsody is now known as Napster. There should be no impact to your existing Rhapsody account. For more information on Napster, please see our article Napster on Sonos.

What is Rhapsody? 
Meet your new music collection complete with millions of songs, entire albums and artist hits spanning the decades. This is more than just internet radio. This is the power to play exactly the songs you want, wherever you are. 

What features are available?

  • Millions and millions of tracks available
  • Stream in up to 32 rooms
  • Search for artists, albums, tracks, playlists, and radio stations

What subscription is needed for Rhapsody to work on Sonos? 
You must use a Rhapsody Premier, Rhapsody Premier Plus or Rhapsody 30-day trial account. If you receive an error message that states "Your connection to Rhapsody was lost" when attempting to play through Sonos, check your account to make sure it is one of these listed types and that it is current.

Where is Rhapsody available? 
United States

What is the bitrate that Rhapsody streams at on Sonos? 
320 kbps AAC

How do I add Rhapsody to my Sonos? 
Select the controller you are using for instructions on adding your Rhapsody account to Sonos:

[+] Sonos App for Mac or PC 
[+] Sonos App for iOS or Android 

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